SOMA Intimacy / Embodied Sexuality


Connect the experience of your sexuality more with your body

Taller introductorio SOMA Intimacy

Introduction to Embodied Sexuality

Learn to enjoy more in your intimacy

The objective of this experiential workshop is to promote our sexual health and integrate a more natural and pleasurable approach to our sexuality.

How can you enjoy a more creative and nourishing intimate life? We invite you to participate in a weekend workshop where you can discover and experience firsthand a new perspective on sexuality.

This proposal is based on the somatic experience to delve deeper into yourself and your intimacy.

You will learn tools that you can integrate into your life and towards improving your sexual and emotional connections, which you can also use to support other people.

In this introductory workshop, we will create a framework of care and trust where you can discover new paths to:

  • Increase your ability to enjoy your body sensations. Live a sexuality more connected to your body (erotic embodiment).
  • Establish deeper connections in your intimate encounters.
  • Have more awareness of your needs, limits, and desires.
  • Recognize your own source of pleasure and feel more free and confident.
  • Experience your intimate life in a more conscious way (sexual empowerment).
  • Develop your erotic skills (natural erotic awareness).

On our journey you will experience conscious movement, breathing, and mindful touch practices which will allow you to recognise and develop the great potential of pleasure in your body (as a giver and receiver).

Additionally, we will facilitate spaces for group exchange regarding personal experiences.

Who is this for?

Individuals who want to enhance their confidence and freedom to live a more fulfilling sexuality. Therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, masseurs, and other professionals interested in learning new methods for their work related to intimacy. Individuals interested in our SOMA Intimacy training.


9 – 11 JUNE 2023

Friday, 9 June, 17 – 21 h
Saturday, 10 June, 10 – 20 h
Sunday, 11 June, 10 – 18 h

Peter Kogelbauer


€ 250 

More info & reservations


    8 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

    Friday, 8 September, 17 -21 h
    Saturday, 9 September, 10 – 20 h
    Sunday, 10 September, 10 – 18 h

    Peter Kogelbauer

    (translation to English if required)


    € 220 … if you register prior to 30 June
    € 250 … normal fee

    More info & reservations


      15 – 17 SEPTIEMBRE 2023

      Friday, 15 September, 17 -21 h
      Saturday, 16 September, 10 – 19:30 h
      Sunday, 17 September, 10 – 17:30 h

      Lydia Müller and Peter Kogelbauer 

      (translation to Spanish if required)


      € 220 … if you register prior to 30 June
      € 250 … normal fee

      More info & reservations

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