Introductory workshop

Introduction to Embodied Sexuality

The objective of this training course is to foment sexual health as well as integrate a stronger focus on pleasure and a more natural attitude towards sexuality in general. You will be able to connect more with your body through your experience of sexuality.

Embodied Sexuality introductory workshop

Would you like to explore your-self and your relationship to your sexuality? Would you like to learn tools that can be used to integrate them into your life, taking you towards improved sexual and affective relationships? Would you like to accompany others in their personal growth through their sexuality?

In this training course we will create a caring and safe space where you will be able to discover new ways to:

  • Enhance your capacity to enjoy the body through sensation
  • Experience sexuality that is more connected with your body (erotic embodiment)
  • Establish deeper connection in your intimate encounters
  • Have a greater awareness of your needs, limits, and desires
  • Acknowledge the source of your pleasure and in doing so feel more freedom and trust
  • Regulate your sexual experiences more consciously (sexual empowerment)
  • Amplify your existing understandings in relation to your sexuality and develop your erotic skills (natural erotic awareness)

On this journey you will be able to work with breath and movement, using conscious touch to help you reclaim your pleasure (as the person who gives and also as the person who receives), meditations to enhance your body sensitivity, and caring spaces that allow group dialogue around personal experiences.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to build their self-confidence and their sense of freedom so as to be able to live their sexuality more fully
  • Therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, massage therapists and other professionals interested in learning new ways to work in relation to intimacy
  • People interested in our Embodied Sexuality training course



Start: Friday 30 september, 18 h
Finish: Sunday 2 october, 18 h

Peter Kogelbauer y Vivian Oset

Espai BES
Sardenya 229

€ 220

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    7 – 9 OCTOBER 2022

    Start: Friday 7 october, 18 h
    Finish: Sunday 9 october, 18 h

    Peter Kogelbauer y Anita Picardi

    Close to Sant Miquel

    € 220

    More info & reservations

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