This training course is an opportunity to connect with the body and advance your development as a sexual and human being. It is an invitation to experience and express your sexuality in a way that is more liberated, responsible, and creative.

“In this course you will learn practical tools to enhance your own capacity to love and experience pleasure, which can also be useful when accompanying others in their personal development.”

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It has been a revelation to learn to feel pleasure from all the possibilities that my body offers, including the more subtle pleasures.

– Josep

Why do we offer this training course?

In a culture where thought and reason are highly valued, it is also the case that our bodies often come second. For most people, this is also the case when it comes to their experience of sexuality, the free expression of which has often been censored from a young age. Unfortunately, many of us have learned to experience and associate our sexuality with shame, guilt, and fear.

Far from enjoying the potential for sensitivity, sensuality, and healing that our bodies offer us, we instead experience blocks and become trapped in repetitive patterns, where we can only experience and enjoy a fraction of that which we are actually capable of experiencing and enjoying. Thus we develop a sense of sexuality that is principally based in the mind- that is, fantasy and external stimulus.

Importantly, we forget that our bodies are capable of giving us everything that we need.

This way of experiencing sexuality is also reflected in our education systems and in sex therapy. Through ignorance, we educate and accompany people through words and theoretical concepts, once again relegating our bodies, sense of touch, and sexual energy to the background. Because of this, many therapists experience difficulty when it comes to accompanying their clients on their journey to sexual fulfillment.

Many people experience blocks in their intimacy relating to erections, orgasms, vaginismus, an absence of sexual desire etc. Or perhaps they may simply feel that sexuality needs to be much more than genital contact.

For people who have been focusing on their personal development for some time
  • You have noticed certain repetitive patterns with your partners and in your sexuality
  • You experience some difficulty in your intimate relationships
  • You are aware that your sexual relationships are less creative and more mechanical
  • You would like to transform this and learn to enjoy your sexuality in more liberated, creative and satisfying ways
And for professionals
  • You would like to acquire new and innovative practical tools to support the work that you do with your clients around sexuality, intimacy and eroticism
  • You would like to specialize in the area of sex therapy by living your own process of human and sexual growth
  • You are searching for a safe space where you can express your intimacy and what moves your sexuality
  • You wish to develop your potential for pleasure, love and transformation, in and through your sexuality

The Embodied Sexuality course is designed for us to reconnect with our potential for healing and for pleasure

The course has both an educational and therapeutic focus on sexuality that is based on the living body and experiences as instruments for learning and transformation. The experiences of the body are the common thread throughout the course, which allow us to holistically accompany individuals towards their essential nature.

What are the objectives of this training course?

  • Creating a safe space where people can open themselves to sexual growth
  • Strengthening the connection between sexuality and the body, developing new strategies of empowerment, and having more options in our choices relating to sexuality and life in general
  • Teaching ways to love and experience more pleasure
  • Dissolving emotional and sexual blocks
  • Opening new doorways to states of deep ecstasy and connection with oneself and others
  • Offering new opportunities for erotic encounters with our partners
  • Experiencing a broad range of modalities: different breathing methods, a great variety of ways to work with touch and conscious massage, consent, different ways to experience conscious self-love, bodywork that is sensitive to trauma, body exploration techniques, active meditations and spontaneous/creative movement
Formación Soma intimacy

The Embodied Sexuality training course addresses a vital aspect of sexuality, the body, in a practical way and without taboos. It provided me with practical tools to support others who are overcoming sexual difficulties and to ultimately help them experience more erotic pleasure.

– Belinda, Sex Therapist

In this course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Broaden your understanding of your own body and sexuality, and your erotic being

  • Develop body sensitivity and a greater emotional openness

  • Enhance your ability to be present and your capacity to tune into others when engaged in conscious touch

  • Learn to recognize and communicate your needs, desires and boundaries more effectively

  • Explore the potential of healing through pleasure

  • Experience the integration of sexual energy with sensuality and love

  • Facilitate creative and free expression of sexuality

  • Gain skills that will allow you to experience deeper intimacy in your sexual relationship with your partner

  • Learn ways that can lead you to embodied transpersonal experiences through your sexuality

  • Manifest an inclusive perspective that acknowledges the continuum that is human sexuality

If you are a professional (therapist, coach, etc.), you will also be able to:
  • Develop your understanding around a range of formative and therapeutic frameworks in the area of sexuality that can be applied when working with individuals and groups.

  • Discover new practical tools to assist others in experiencing a rich, and more integrated, sense of their own sexuality.

  • Support your clients in overcoming specific difficulties in their intimate lives and in reaching a deeper level of intimacy with their partner.

  • Self-explore and reflect on your own intimacy, sexuality and eroticism, so as to develop a deeper consciousness and self-confidence when working with others.

Formación Soma intimacy

“Participating in this course was a major step for me in my life, where I experienced a before and after…Embodied sexuality has become an important key to understanding myself.”

Anita – Participant in 2019

The team 

Peter Kogelbauer

Director of The Institute of Embodiment and Sexuality

Coordinator of the training

Peter is a somatic and humanistic therapist, trained in Gestalt therapy and Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Education. Esalen Massage Practitioner. Integrative somatic trauma therapy certificate.

Peter has been the driving force behind the development of our approach to Embodied Sexuality / SOMA Intimacy in our Institute.

Lydia Müller

Coordinator and co-trainer of the training in Portugal

Dance teacher, professional dancer, choreographer and bodyworker.

Trained in somatic sexuality and various other approaches to conscious intimacy.

Her work is about connection, expression, liberation and empowerment.

Asun Florido

Trainer of the training in Barcelona

Gestalt and Integrative Body Therapist  

Somatic Sex therapist 

Polarity Therapist 

Trained in Tantric Massage and Tantra (with Astiko)

Vivian Oset

Vivian has worked as a therapist in Shiatsu & movement (Shiatsu I Moviment) and in embodied sexuality, where she continues to develop professionally.

Vivian has been a yoga and meditation instructor for 15 years and has trained in a number of Asian techniques.

Vivian is passionate about conscious parenting, and also works with women during pregnancy and childbirth. 


Roger Jackson

Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing® practitioner

Andre Bosque

Psycho-corporal therapist specialised in embodied sexuality, and activist in body, sexual and gender diversity

In the training course, there will be collaboration by other professionals in the field of Embodied Sexuality


This certification requires a minimum of 85% attendance to workshops. Once they have successfully completed the training requisites of the course, participants will be awarded the title of Specialist in Embodied Sexuality ICS.

“We understand learning to be a transformative process, so we accompany people as they experience their processes of personal growth with individual and group tutorials.”

Peter Kogelbauer
Peter Kogelbauer

What is included? 

Residential workshops

Initial workshop and residential workshops in nature

Our training course is designed to be a process of learning and deep transformation in your sexuality and in your life in general. Through lived experience each participant will become a mirror and inspiration for your own growth. The residential workshops will be carried out in beautiful natural spaces, where you can experience your process with other participants in a supportive environment. The training course will be delivered progressively, allowing you to honor your own rhythm.  

This group experience is an opportunity to explore diverse aspects of our sexuality more deeply. 

Embodied sexuality practical online modules in between workshops

Learning and support

Between workshops (and during the month after the last residential workshop), we will provide structured support to facilitate your personal process and group learning. 

You will have access to a broad range of materials, including audiovisual materials that will provide a solid base for your personal practice. The tutorials and regular virtual gatherings will support you in maintaining close contact with your colleagues and the training team. During the training course, you will need a time investment of approximately 6-8 hours per week to carry out different activities. 



Our training course is anchored in practical exercises (embodied practices and personal reflection) that you will be able to do individually, as well as in groups. All the practical exercises will be supervised by the tutor that will be assigned to you. In this way, the process that you engage in will be deep, practical, and experiential. 



Many of the embodied sexuality practices that you will experience in this course are very effective tools that can be used when accompanying others in their sexual growth. 


These methods include conscious self-love, body mapping techniques, both touch and genital meditations, somatic regulation techniques and the exploration of your core erotic theme. 

Tutorial spaces


Each participant will be assigned a tutor from the training team. This person will accompany you throughout the course during both group and individual sessions. As we understand the potential for this course to mobilise the deepest parts of ourselves, in this way, we can be close by so as to support and accompany you in your practice and your process. 

Face to face workshops are fundamental to the work that we do, however, our training course goes far beyond that.

This journey is a commitment to your wellbeing, pleasure and ultimately, your life. It is an invitation to engage with a deep and lasting process of transformation in your sexuality.

For this reason, we are looking for people who would like to strengthen their connection with their bodies with regular embodied practices.

Structured support is offered during the training course via regular tutorials, instructional audiovisual materials and other materials that will help you to continue developing your practice.

You will need to dedicate between 6 and 8 hours a week (approximately) to this training course.  


“Besides having a really good time in the course, I acknowledge that this course has also taught me many valuable things….In my case, being a massage therapist and psychologist, I have been able to reframe more difficult, if not traumatic, parts of my job, so as to be able to experience these aspects in a more secure and natural way, through professionalism, consciousness and mutual respect, which are values that were very engrained in the course”

Eva – Participant in 2018


The fundamentals of embodied sexuality 

  • The 5 pillars of somatic sexuality and their potential to regulate erotic experiences
  • A great variety of body awareness practices
  • The ethics of embodied sexuality
  • Sexual autobiography
  • Gender and sexual diversity
  • A range of practices relating to conscious breathing and self-regulation 

Conscious self-love 

  • Different practices of conscious self-love
  • Intimate self-exploration
  • Conscious self-love and authentic movement
  • Core erotic theme 

Conscious touch, presence and consent 

  • Consensual touch (The Wheel of consent)
  • Connecting with one´s own needs, limits, and desires
  • Being present in touch
  • Conscious touch/Sensitive and intimate massage
  • Embodiment and empowerment 

      Embodied exploration and healing practices  

      • Chest meditation
      • Intimate and pleasurable body meditations
      • Mapping techniques (body, genital, etc)
      • Pelvic and genital anatomy
      • Anal touch and massage
      • Expansive energy and ecstatic states
      • Working with the body and trauma
      • Deepening body work in relation to individual needs 

      Accompanying others

      • Introduction to accompanying others through Embodied Sexuality
      • Typical topics when working with clients 
      • Structuring and framing sessions when working with clients
      • Practical experience of providing support 
      The program will be adapted depending on the needs and interests of the group 

      Training Groups 2024

      Participation in an Introductory Workshop is a prerequisite for participating in the training programme. 



      February 13th to September 8th, 2024

      Intensive training unit 1
      (in retreat centre in Portugal)
      February 13th to 18th, 2024
      Intensive training unit 2
      (retreat centre in Portugal) 
      May 6th to 12th, 2024

      Intensive training unit 3
      (retreat centre in Portugal) 
      July 23rd to 28th, 2024



      January 23rd to August 25th, 2024
      Intensive training unit 1
      (retreat centre in Catalonia)
      January 23rd to 28th, 2024
      Intensive training unit 2
      (retreat centre in Catalonia) 
      April 23rd to 28th, 2024 

      Intensive training unit 3
      (retreat centre in Catalonia) 
      July 9th to 14th, 2024 


      OPTION 1

      Registration and monthly payments

      2.950 €  if you register prior to 30th June 2023

      3.190 €  if you register after the 30th June 2023

      Payment terms

      Payment: 850 € upon registration
      + 6 monthly payments from November 2023 to April 2024

      These prices do NOT include the accommodation for the residential workshops.

      OPTION 2


      Full payment upfront will allow you to enjoy a
      discount of 240 €

      2.710 €  (with discount included)
      if you register prior to 30 June 2023 

      2.950 €  (with discount included)
      if you register after the 30th June 2023

      These prices do NOT include the accommodation for the residential workshops.


      We work in small groups (up to approximately 20 people per group) so as to be able to accompany the group but also be able to attend to individual needs. 

      We want to be close by, so that we can help you in your sexual, personal, and professional growth. 

      We are looking for participants who are open and willing to discover and develop themselves as sexual and human beings. 

      When we receive your application, we will propose a day and a time to arrange to meet you first. We want to know who you are before you start. This meeting can happen in person or by videoconferencing. 

      Formación Soma intimacy

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