Participating in this course was a major step for me in my life, where I experienced a before and after…Embodied sexuality has become an important key to understanding myself.

In this course, I found a safe space where I could allow myself to be seen and where I could explore my deepest needs and desires in a very caring, protected, and respectful learning space

Working with my body, my sense of embodiment and my sexuality have become the key to self-discovery, which has helped me to feel more whole, allowing me to dissolve old patterns and beliefs that limited my personal growth, bringing with it a strong movement towards really acknowledging who I am, what I feel, as well as how to express it!


This course has helped me to not focus so much on my genitals and to become more consciously aware of how many ideas, taboos, and limitations we still place on ourselves today.

I have also been able to learn tools to help me accompany my clients in the area of Embodied Sexuality. Most importantly, I have been able to develop more presence and capacity to listen to the body.

Our guides, Peter, Mario and Asun, who have accompanied myself and the group during this journey are excellent professionals with extraordinarily warm human qualities.


Being a massage therapist and psychologist, I have been able to reframe more difficult, if not traumatic, parts of my job, so as to be able to experience these aspects in a more secure and natural way, through professionalism, consciousness and mutual respect, which are values that were very engrained in the course.

It is a very practical, interesting and pleasant course that allows a lot of space for personal expression as well as self and shared creativity. I have enjoyed this part of the course immensely.


I started this course with a clear intention to dedicate myself to this professionally in the near future. Instead, I experienced a radical change in my own life, a before and after. It involved very difficult, but beautiful work on both a personal and emotional level. It was an inner journey that started with my own skin. It was a solitary journey where I was fortunately never alone, because in this course I discovered a family of friends, colleagues, mirrors and tutors, who I could always count on.

In regards to the course itself, I found it to be quite practical and didactic. It was a really well-designed course, where I could clearly sense the love and dedication with which it was created.


There are so many things that stood out for me in this Embodied Sexuality course, particularly the detailed body consciousness work: paying attention to doing things slowly, to the breath, bringing my attention to the body, being conscious of what I am feeling each step of the way as well as what is provoked as a result. It has allowed me to become more embodied. Inhabiting my body in this way has allowed me to more easily identify and put value on my needs, what I like and what I don´t like. From there I am able to relate to others in a clearer, more attentive and loving way, as well as be able to relate to my own sexuality and myself as a person.


After each weekend workshop the feeling was one of having acquired a more profound sense of wholeness.

The group was a great source of support and the facilitators were excellent in helping us to move beyond our comfort zones, whilst at the same time creating a safe and cozy space to work in.


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