SOMA Intimacy

Specialised Training
in Embodied Sexuality




We create a safe, respectful and loving framework to accompany you in your personal process, valuing the great diversity of human sexuality.


Deepen your personal transformation of sexuality.

Train yourself in accompanying others.

In this advanced course you can go deeper into the somatic transformation of your intimacy. You will be able to create more authentic, creative and nurturing intimate connections with others.

The training will give you a solid foundation to accompany individuals and groups in their development using the approach of embodied sexuality. We understand that the foundation of this accompaniment is your own lived process.

This is an innovative training in embodied sexuality. The second year includes, among other things, a deepening of somatic work with trauma, the deepening of communication and presence in shared intimacy and the exploration of expansive energies and states of ecstasy.

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Our methodology

The focus of our training is based on the experience of the living body (=soma) as a path of exploration. You will experience a variety of somatic practices to deepen the exploration of your intimacy.

Our way of teaching and exploring:

  • Acknowledges and fully trusts people’s individual resources.
  • Relies on lived experience as a way of learning.
  • Trains the ability to be present in intimacy (rather than focusing on techniques)
  • Is sensitive to trauma
  • Is based on the creation of a safer and more inclusive space.

During the advanced course you will become more familiar with the approach, the attitude of presence and the methods of embodied sexuality, which will give you more clarity and confidence to be able to accompany others.

With this training you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your somatic awareness, openness and practice in sexuality and intimacy.

  • Gain more confidence and increase your ability to regulate your impulses, emotions and sexual energy.

  • Transform your bodily memories of unpleasant experiences in order to enhance your vitality.

  • Integrate your learning and discoveries more into your daily life and your relationship with your environment.

  • Get to know better the unexplored parts of your sexuality.

  • Experience new ways to feel pleasure and intimately connect with others.

  • Let yourself be accompanied and inspired by a group of people committed to your sexual and personal growth.

If you work on a professional level you will also be able to:
  • Expand your capacity to create a container of loving presence, respect and listening towards your clients.

  • Integrate new somatic modalities in your accompaniment of people (somatic techniques of regulation and trauma work, exploration of scars, lucid masturbation, trance and expansive energies, boundary play / domination/submission dynamics, body meditations etc.).

  • Gain more confidence in accompanying others on a wide variety of topics related to intimacy and sexuality.


The Somatic Sexuality training addresses in a practical way and without taboos a vital aspect of sexuality: the bodily. It gave me practical tools to support others to overcome sexual difficulties and enhance their erotic pleasure.

– Belinda, sexologist


Peter Kogelbauer

Director of the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad and coordinator of the training.

Somatic sex educator and Gestalt therapist. Certified sexological bodyworker. Esalen Massage Practitioner.

He has promoted the development of the Somatic Sexuality approach of our Institute.

He collaborates with different training and therapy centres on an international level.

Asun Florido

Integrative body and Gestalt therapist.

Somatic sex therapist.

Polarity therapist.

Trained in tantric massage and Tantra (with Astiko).

Roger Jackson

Somatic therapist, bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing® practitioner.

Mareen Scholl

Somatic sex educator, Holistic Bodyworker, founder of the Institute for Somatic Education, Sexuality and Bodywork, Berlin




After successfully completing the training requirements of the advanced course, participants will be awarded the SOMA Intimacy Practitioner certificate.


What does our training include?

Experiential workshops


The foundation of the training consists of the three residential workshops that take place in nature (La Bartra, in the Prades Mountains, Tarragona).

The first retreat (October) will focus on working with trauma in relation to intimacy. The second retreat (January) will deepen the exploration of the shadow and expansive energies. The third workshop (April) will be about integration and working professionally.

Practice modules between workshops


Between each face-to-face workshops and during the three months after the last face-to-face meeting we will create a space for your personal process and group learning:

  • You will have access to an online space with all the information you need for the internship (study material, description of the internship, instructional audio-visual material and other resources).
  • Tutorials (in small groups), somatic online workshops and supervision meetings will allow you to be in close contact with your fellow trainees and the training team.
  • During the months of training you will need approximately 6 to 8 hours per week to carry out the different training activities.



Another central element of our training consists of the practicums (somatic practices and personal reflection) to be carried out between the residential workshops. In the advanced course you will have 3 types of practices:

  • new personal somatic practices (similarly to the basic course)

  • reflective practices

  • accompaniment practices (where you accompany other people in their process and other sessions where you receive accompaniment).

To accompany you in your practices we will offer you tutorials in small groups and supervision sessions (in a large group).

In order to obtain the training certificate, 60 hours of accompaniment practice are required. 30 of these hours are included in the accompaniment practice in the 5 modules which are done during the training. The remaining 30 hours can also be done during the training or in the 3 months after the last face-to-face meeting.

Somatic Bodywork


Many of the activities that you will experience during the advanced course are tools to accompany people in more vulnerable processes (trauma work) or proposals for further exploration for people who feel more empowered (play with limits, lucid masturbation, etc.). We will give great importance to exploring different aspects of communication in order to deepen intimacy. All these tools are very effective in accompanying other people in their sexual development.

Mentoring spaces


Each participant will be assigned a mentor from the training team. Mentors will accompany participants throughout the whole duration of the advanced course, through small-group and individual mentoring.

We understand that our training can be internally challenging, and so we want to be close to you to support you in your internship and accompany you during your process.

In order to be able to participate in the training activities you will need – apart from the desire to grow, heal and enjoy – good internet access and a private space (for example in your home) where you can do the practices and the online somatic workshops.


“I recognise that this training has given me very valuable things, as well as having a great time… In my case, I have gone from living a difficult, not to say traumatic, part of my work as a masseuse and therapist, to living it in a much safer and more natural way, always with awareness, mutual respect and professional integrity, values that were very present during the training”.

Eva – Participant in the basic course


Somatic practices of healing and exploration (extension of the basic course)

  • Body awareness and grounding practices
    Deepening of one’s own eroticism (lucid masturbation)
  • Working with scars
  • Expansive energies, paths to ecstasy
  • Chest meditation (deeper level)
  • Playing with limits, dynamics of domination – submission
  • Intimate massage
  • Somatic exploration of limiting beliefs
  • Deepening your personal process according to your individual needs

Somatic work with trauma and regulation

  • Various self-regulation resources
  • Use of the Somatic approach in relation to abusive experiences and resources to complete frustrated defensive responses
  • Deeper knowledge of the polyvagal theory
  • Specific principles to be able to accompany more vulnerable people in the area of intimacy/sexuality

Professional integrity when accompanying others

  • Professional framing, boundaries and ethics in embodied sexuality – transference and countertransference
  • Code of ethics
  • Hygiene and STIs
  • Practical issues (legal, organisational, personal dynamics etc.) in case you want to open a private practice / integrate embodied sexuality work into your current work.

Accompanying people using Embodied Sexuality

  • Sexual development: the experience of sexuality in adolescence, menopause, maturity…
  • Integrative somatic accompaniment of people with a wide range of issues: disconnection from desire, orgasm, male and female ejaculation, erection, difficult relationship with one’s body, communication problems, ignorance of the pleasure potential of one’s body, sexual and gender diversity, functional diversity, bodies in transitions…
  • Work with couples
  • Practices when accompanying others – giving and receiving

Training Group 2024/25



Option 1:

Registration and monthly payments

Option 2:

One-off payment

Limited places

We work with small groups (up to 20 people approximately) in order to be able to accompany the group and attend to personal processes.

We want to be available and help you in your sexual, personal and professional growth.

We are looking for open-minded participants who are eager to discover and develop themselves as sexual and human beings.

When we receive your application, we will propose a date and time for an interview with us.

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