Sex Therapy and Coaching

In our individual sessions you can move at your own pace to discover how to experience more pleasure and connection in your sex life and how to create more satisfactory intimate relationships.

Why go to therapy?

Do you have a specific question that you would like to explore in a space that is free from prejudice? Would you like to learn new erotic skills? Or do you have type of difficulty that you would like to overcome?

In these sessions you can deepen the conscious awareness of your body and learn new ways to experience erotic trance states. You have the opportunity to explore the body, which will allow you to gain a stronger understanding of the dynamics driving certain symptoms and make new discoveries.

During explorations based on the body we can use the breath, movement, sound, conscious touch (including all parts of the body), meditations and other self-exploratory techniques.

It can help you to

  • Develop more acceptance of your own sexuality

  • Be more aware and communicate your needs more effectively

  • Reconnect with your sexual desire

  • Overcome difficulties related to arousal, erection, ejaculation, vaginismus and orgasm

  • Explore anal health and pleasure

  • Alleviate and prevent pain that can appear during sex, and treat scar tissue in the pelvic and genital region

  • Overcome unpleasant sexual experiences or sexual abuse from the past

  • Learn how to give and receive an erotic massage

  • Be a better lover


Our therapists

Asun Carrasco Florido

Peter Kogelbauer

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