Embodied sexual learning has great transformative potential, allowing us to experience our wholeness

Body. Emotion. Sexuality.

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The Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad was founded in 2017 with the intention of creating a safe, professional and caring space where workshops, training courses and individual therapy could be offered for people to explore the connection between the body and sexuality.

The Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad is a continuation of the work that was done in Sexological Bodywork Spain. The mission of this Institute is to provide a broader scope in the work that we do relating to somatic bodywork in sexuality and Gestalt Therapy by combining them with other elements of bodywork.

We want this to be a space for personal development, where people who are looking for more embodied approaches to sex therapy can engage, train, and grow alongside other like-minded people.

We have an international vision. Besides being active in Barcelona and Spain, we also collaborate with other training and therapy centres in other European countries.

Our values reflect awareness, diversity, respect, honesty and creativity, and people of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcome.

Mission and objectives

Our primary objective is to create spaces where individuals and couples can learn to connect more deeply with their bodies and experience greater sexual fulfillment.

Our vision

We live in times where many of us experience deep contradictions in relation to our sexuality and sex. In this sexualized society, where erotic images are omnipresent in the media, it is easy to feel disoriented or pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations. There are very few spaces where we can speak honestly and authentically about what moves us sexually. Most people have not received the type of sex education that enables them to experience their sexuality as a source of joy, love, eroticism, vitality, and sensuality. Sex education is typically theoretical, in that it doesn´t incorporate one´s practical experience through the body.


Our mission at the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad is to accompany people so that they can connect with their bodies, liberate themselves from fear, dissolve emotional and sexual blocks, and open themselves to experience their sexuality more freely, responsibly and creatively. We also train professionals working in health, education, and as therapists, offering them new tools to better accompany others as they develop their sexuality.

We understand that personal growth is not only an intellectual endeavor, but is also something that can only be achieved through embodied experience. Through conscious practice we can experience freedom by creating new habits, including the habit of sexual fulfillment.

In our training courses, workshops and individual sessions, you can slow down and focus your attention on what you are experiencing in the here and now. This will allow you to become aware of processes that usually go unnoticed. If you wish to overcome certain difficulties in your sexuality, you can develop a deeper understanding of that which underpins your fears, blocks, and limiting patterns of thought, and in doing so, try other strategies. If you wish to enhance your erotic abilities, you will be able to learn about new ways of experiencing erotic trance. Our objective will always be to facilitate your learning and transformation.


The methodology that we use is based on somatic and erotic bodywork and Gestalt Therapy. We will explore our bodies using breath, movement, and conscious touch (potentially including the whole body), as well as somatic regulation techniques, active meditations, and other techniques of self-exploration.

We firmly believe that sexual health and education are basic human rights.

We dedicate special attention to the creation of a safe space, where you can learn at your own pace and rhythm, free from judgement and accompanied by professionals.


Peter Kogelbauer

Peter is a Gestalt therapist and somatic sex therapist, as well as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Esalen Massage Practitioner. Peter has been the driving force behind the development of our approach to embodied sexuality in our Institute, collaborating with different therapeutic and training centres internationally. 


¨My goal is to create open learning spaces that foster personal growth, transformation and empowerment. It is not just about having intense experiences, which is easy to achieve in the area of sexuality, rather, it is about supporting people in their search for sexual fulfillment.¨ 


Lydia Müller

Coordinator (Portugal)

Coordinator and co-trainer of the training in Portugal

Dance teacher, professional dancer, choreographer and bodyworker, trained in somatic sexuality and various other approaches to conscious intimacy.

Lydia is a facilitator and initiator of retreats and courses in dance and somatic and conscious sexuality. (Contact Tango, Tantra Tango, Neo Tango, Contact Improvisation, Healing Sexuality, Intimacy, Nature dance and Yoga)

Her work is about connection, expression, liberation and empowerment.


Asun Florido


Asun works as a Gestalt and Integrative Body Therapist. She is a Polarity Therapist who has also trained in Sensitive integrative massage, Tantric Massage and Tantra (with Astiko). Asun has experience with the Deactivation of body memories and is also an Active Meditation Facilitator (Osho). 


¨My work is my passion. I accompany people who want to integrate, accept and love their bodies as the way to gain understanding of the totality of what we are, using the same tools that have helped me in my own personal development journey.¨ 


Vivian Oset


Vivian has worked as a therapist in Shiatsu & movement (Shiatsu I Moviment) and in embodied sexuality, where she continues to develop professionally. Vivian has been a yoga and meditation instructor for 15 years and has trained in a number of Asian techniques. Vivian is passionate about conscious parenting, and also works with women during pregnancy and childbirth. 


¨I enjoy learning from the interrelationships between people and their surroundings. I would love to accompany you in your journey towards yourself and your sexuality at this moment in your life, with an open attitude towards who you really are right now and what you would like to experience¨. 

Juan Miguel Vargas Berenguel

Coordinator (Almeria)

Juan Miguel is a collaborator and assistant coordinator of the training course in Almeria. 

He is a Clinical Psychologist (nº AO 2290) and Gestalt Therapist (member of AETG- Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy) who has trained in Integrated Psychotherapy through Claudio Naranjo´s SAT programme. Juan Miguel has trained in Body and Movement therapy with the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona 

Director and trainer at Sinergia desarrollo y psicología in Almeria 


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