Individual sessions

Individual therapy is an opportunity to get to know yourself better, overcome personal difficulties and develop your potential.

Why go to therapy?

Do you perceive the same dynamics repeating in your life and would you like to change something about those patterns? Have you had important experiences that have led you to reconsider parts of yourself? Would you like to improve your personal and/or intimate relationships?

From the perspective of personal experience, we offer a caring and confidential space where you can open yourself to explore these sorts of questions without prejudice.

We can help you to

  • Manage your emotions better (grief, sadness, anxiety, fear…)

  • Feel more in harmony with yourself

  • Improve your personal relationships (partner, family, work, social)

  • Explore themes relating to how you experience your sexuality

  • Develop your capacity for self-care

  • Reach personal objectives


Our therapists

Asun Carrasco Florido

Peter Kogelbauer

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