Institute of Embodiment and Sexuality


Learning to develop your own body consciousness is the path that takes us towards discovering our own ecstasy, which is a real act of love.


Most people tend to conflate the ideas of love and sexuality with our relationship to the other. When we do this, we place the weight and responsibility for our own pleasure on another. When we learn that in reality the source of pleasure resides in ourselves, we are able to understand that the real work has to happen within each and every one of us.

Having a good relationship with our own body is the key to experiencing pleasure and wellbeing, and is based on conscious practices that emerge naturally during self-exploration. However, if our experiences of sexual education have been limited in this sense, then we need to learn the tools that will help us to develop and apply these practices in our daily lives.

On the path to embodied sexuality, the focus on oneself is one of the principal components of our work. We need to develop a healthy and creative sense of intimacy with our own bodies, where one learns to listen to and feel pleasure, not only focusing on the genitals but rather the whole body. From this perspective, the final objective not an orgasm, but rather a deeply nourishing sense of intimacy the flows from oneself.

From the soft caress of self-care to the hug that we have never given ourselves. From attending to and expressing our emotions and impulses to the most erotic and sensual expression of ourselves… The difference is the place from which you touch, feel, listen, talk, and care, for yourself. Conscious self-love means creating a new language for yourself, comprising a new and more subtle code between the art of listening and of giving permission.


Learning to listen to yourself and give yourself permission to be sensual and sexual brings a number of benefits. First, it will allow you to heighten your own eroticism, which will in turn heighten your self-esteem and sense of personal power. You will be able to question and discover what makes you feel good, as well as what doesn´t, while you explore and attend to the answers your body gives you. You will be able to embark on a beautiful love story with yourself, which will ultimately help you to create a richer and more solid base of understanding that can enrich your relationships, helping you to establish healthier and more pleasurable connections with others. These practices can also help you to liberate stagnant tensions and emotions, not only benefitting the physical self, but also our emotional and mental selves as well. Ultimately, we will learn to be more authentic and balanced, as well as able to experience pleasure in more mature and responsible ways.


Conscious self-love is a practice that needs to be integrated into our daily lives. In today´s society, learning to be with ourselves is a great challenge. We need to learn to slow down, and to understand how to know, feel, and explore ourselves. In this way we can create a more profound and pleasurable experience of our bodies that will bring more quality and human warmth to our lives.

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