Where you can transform your intimacy

We invite you to experience learning, growth and healing through your body, your sexuality and your pleasure. If you are a therapist, we also offer you innovative tools that can be used to accompany other people in their own exploration. 

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The Church says: The body is a sin. 

Science says: The body is a machine. 

Advertising says: The body is a business. 

The body says: I am a fiesta. 


Would you like to cultivate pleasure in your sexuality and grow as a human being? 

Through Embodied Sexuality you will be able to explore the infinite possibilities that your sexuality has to offer.

We live in a sexual paradox. We often speak of sex, however, there are few spaces where we can truly express our sexuality freely and honestly. While there appears to be sexual freedom to be able to do anything we want, often, we can feel constrained by shame, guilt, fear, judgement etc. Or, if we allow ourselves the freedom to experience our sexuality in this way, it may be superficial and without real connection. In our society images of bodies are omnipresent, however, many people have never experienced the subtle and exquisite riches that our bodies offer us so that we can feel, enjoy and heal ourselves. The truth is that sexuality, like most other things in life, can be learned. It is possible to develop a sexuality that is much broader, fuller and more satisfying. This path is one that we can continue exploring throughout our whole lives.  

It doesn´t matter if this is a new idea for you, or if you have already experienced  conscious sexuality. In this course, we offer you a contemporary and innovative approach that is respectful of the diverse sexual identities and preferences, and where we support you in your process according to your own personal rhythm.  

Embodied sexuality is based on the lived experience of the body as a path of exploration.  

Through a caring, respectful and loving approach, we, at the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad, invite you to experience a transformative process that will anchor your experience of sexuality more deeply in your body. In this way you can learn to enjoy a sense of intimacy that is responsible, creative and free, strengthening your vitality and authenticity, not only in relation to your sexuality, but beyond. Ultimately, so that your body can be a fiesta again. 

¨I found a place where I could feel seen and where I could explore my deepest desires and needs in a caring space that is safe, contained, respectful and very educational.¨ 

ANITA- participant 2019 


We invite you to explore your pleasure and begin a process of personal growth. 


The institute is a space for people who are looking for new approaches to bodywork, sex therapy and human development to meet, learn and grow. 

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