Here you can transform your intimacy

We invite you to experience learning, growth and healing through your body, your sexuality and your pleasure. If you are a therapist, we also offer you innovative tools that can be used to accompany others in their own exploration.

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Explore your Embodied Pleasures

30th May 2023
19:00 – 20:30 CET

Conscious Self-Llove

20th June 2023
19:30 – 21:00 CET

Would you like to cultivate pleasure in your sexuality and grow as a human being? 

Sexuality is an essential part of human existence. Embracing and fully living this human dimension can bring much pleasure, meaning and vitality to our lives.

Sometimes we do not have access to this source of vitality that resides in our pleasure and in our bodies. Unpleasant personal experiences from the past, and the forces of repression that are part of our systemic and social context, can limit a free, responsible and creative expression of our sexuality. Despite the great importance of sexuality for our well-being, there are few spaces where we can learn about it in a practical way.

SOMA Intimacy is based on the lived experience of the body as a path of exploration and transformation. Through a caring, respectful and loving approach, we invite you to recover and deepen the connection with yourself, your body and your pleasure, and to create more authentic and deeper intimate relationships.

We warmly welcome different bodies, genders, ages, sexual orientations and preferences, social positions and cultural and other backgrounds. Diversity enriches us all.

We do not teach truths about sexuality, but rather rely on listening, dialogue and collaborative learning. We understand that the erotic and vital expression of each person is a unique work of art, which we deeply honour.

We invite you to be with all your parts…

… to live a more pleasurable, connected and creative sexuality.

… to strengthen your vitality and authenticity, not only in relation to your sexuality, but beyond.

Through Embodied Sexuality you will be able to explore the infinite possibilities that your sexuality has to offer

¨I found a place where I could feel seen and where I could explore my deepest desires and needs in a caring space that is safe, contained, respectful and very educational.¨ 

ANITA- participant training

Embodied Sexuality

This training course is an opportunity to connect with the body and advance your development as a sexual and human being. It is an invitation to experience and express your sexuality liberated and responsible.


Embodied Sexuality

We invite you to participate in a weekend workshop to get to know and experience first-hand a new perspective on sexuality.

Coaching sexual


The individual sessions are an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to overcome personal difficulties and to develop your potentials.

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